Boo-World's Cutest Dog


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Boo – The World’s Cutest Dog Boo has millions of fans all over the world. This five year old Pomeranian cute dog shot to fame accidentally as a joke on Facebook. This canine’s unique look is his nicely trimmed long hair. This stuffed soft toy is the latest hit in the soft toy market. Boo is so attractive and loved by everyone from toddler to great-grandparents. Everyone who has seen Boo is at once crazy about owning him. This adorable toy is the top most famous gift across all age groups. Boo’s puppy dog eyes are mesmerizing making it a best seller. Boo looks more like an exotic baby bear. Children love to play with Boo day in and out. Boo is child-safe and washable. For any adult, Boo is sure to bring back happy childhood memories of being loved by a pet. Boo occupies an important space in the family making everyone feel happy. He is the center of attraction for any event. Boo makes it to every photograph with near and dear ones. Boo unites everyone and makes them forget their worries. Fun with Boo is never ending and kids form a loving bond. Boo’s charming appearance makes for a quick mood changer for any age group. Boo’s presence makes gatherings unforgettable. Boo is a heart winner for anyone. Measures 9in x 7in x 8in L